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Pandora Infinity Heart Charm



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Pandora Infinity Heart Charm Black Friday UK
This stylish clip is embossed with the two most powerful symbols of love: a heart and an infinity sign. The evocative infinity heart communicates a love that knows no bounds, strikingly rendered in sterling silver and shimmering stones.
* PANDORA Clips work great for keeping charms in separate sections of your bracelet. Simply add a clip over the 2 middle threads where you screw on your charms. PANDORA Clips come in many fun designs and will be a nice touch to your bracelet! PANDORA Safety chains will ensure you don’t lose your bracelet & charms if your clasp opens.
* Decorate your bracelets with beautiful clips by PANDORA, hand-finished from precious 14k gold, sterling silver, 18k gold-plated sterling silver, and PANDORA Rose™.
* Charm clips are an essential piece to your charm jewelry. They work great to keep your charms in separate sections depending on how you want to organize your special piece. Our beautiful selection of charm clips range from simple, sleek charms to more detailed, complex designs.
* PANDORA Clips are designed beautifully to enhance the look of your bracelet while covering the threads or stations. Opening with a hinge, they simply clip over the threaded area or stations on your PANDORA bracelet. You may also clip them over the smooth part of your bracelet or bangle and it will move about like a charm. Whether you select your clip for function or simply like the design as a charm, your bracelet will have a polished look!
* PANDORA clips snap over the threads of the PANDORA bracelet or necklace. They both hide the threads and divide the bracelet (or necklace) into distinct sections (unlike other charms that are free to move within these sections).

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100% Authentic PANDORA item.
Crafted from 925 Sterling silver.
Comes with Gift packaging.
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Pandora Clips
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